About us

Seebe Sorkh at a glance

We believe it is possible to lead many lives from what they are now, to their true potentials, by forming creative cooperation. Amongst all, kids, as the source of hope and happiness, deserve such change most.
Children are the roots of earth and without them; the world is condemned to collapse. Providing a better life for them is nothing but their primitive right, and also our need to have a better world. With this belief in mind, we have founded the NGO of Seebe Sorkh, to be the link between your generous hands, and innocent hands of the kids who can benefit from a decent life with your support.
During our fourteen years of activity, we have tried to recognize the children and teenagers needs and help them experience a better chapter in their lives.
From satisfying their immediate health needs, to planning for their education, medical treatment, and training, we, with your kind support and cooperation, have made every effort to make a smooth and decent transition for these children and teenagers to enter the society proudly.

Seebe Sorkh Charity


Taking below actions to reduce the impact of unfair obstacles, which prevent the children from having a better level of life, also acting as the link between the charity organizations and the private and official donors.

  • Provisions for initial needs
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Education and training
  • Planning for entering society

“you” and ‘Seebe Sorkh”:

We always require your presence and support. You might think to yourself, with the number of people who are supporting charities there might not be a need for you to involve. Or you might wonder how you can be helpful. The answer to this question is so clear to us:
With your kind support:

  • We feel obliged to keep our promises,
  • We benefit from your consultation and ideas,
  • We benefit from your professional skills,
  • We can use your connections to send our message to a greater number of people,
  • With your vision, we can plan for educational purposes,
  • We can benefit from the job opportunities available at your workplace,

If you believe some of these activities are government responsibility, or you are not quite comfortable with the way money is spent in charity organizations,
We can assure you that:

  • We do our best to be a reliable administer for your social responsibility,
  • With collecting donations, highly increase the scale of the aid we can provide to those in need,
  • We provide highly accurate, clear, and honest annual reports,

Your generous hands are the most heartwarming support we can have, on this uneven path. We would be grateful to have your hopeful presence for a fruitful cooperation in a humane effort of which you could be assured.


We try to set provisions for every child and family that joins us, to have access to equal opportunities and become an independent, successful member of the society. With this goal in mind, Seebe Sorkh vision for future is:

  • Seeking sponsors to provide resources for satisfying preliminary needs of our children,
  • Looking for children and teenagers’ talents and providing facilities for them to pursue those,
  • Utilizing more of the skills of current members and volunteers, towards the goals of organization and to support the teenagers in their transition to society through a step by step support.
  • Improve general wellbeing, happiness, and hope levels for kids with medical issues.

Values and Beliefs:

Seebe Sorkh has been established on certain pillars and we feel obliged to respect those values:

  • Respect for all human beings,
  • Focusing on Seebe Sorkh missions regardless of gender, race, geographical location, religion, etc.
  • Deterring from entering political or ideological movement or discussions,
  • Preventing from competition or parallel works with other charity organizations,
  • Working towards organization missions compassionately and preventing from upside down looks to the people we help.