• Seebe Sorkh Charity

    Help and Support

    Recognising people, families, or organisations in need and align with them for help and support

  • Seebe Sorkh Charity

    Raising Happiness

    To increase hope and happiness amongst kids in hospitals and foster care organisations

  • Seebe Sorkh Charity

    Dream Actualisation

    Share with us your dreams and wishes, and together we make them come true

Seeb-e Sorkh at a glance

We believe that through creative cooperation, we are capable of transforming people’s lives from what it is now, to what it can be. Amongst all, children as the sources of hope and happiness in this world, deserve such change the most. They are the roots of life and without them the world will fall apart. Providing them with a better life is their vital right and an attempt to save the world. Therefore, we formed Seeb-e Sorkh as a non- governmental organisation, to aim at forming a link between your generous hands and their innocent hearts, who can benefit from a decent life with your kind support.

More Details
Seebe Sorkh Charity

Telephone: 26290535-021
Mobile: 2894676-0912
Email: seebesorkh.ch@gmail.com
Address: Level -1, No. 14, Apadana Street, Valliasr Street, Parkway towards Moddares Highway, Tehran, Iran.

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